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LEAGUE OF VOLUNTEER ENTHUSIASTS (LOVE) of KDHX, Inc. a nonprofit corporation of the Associate Members and Volunteersof the Double Helix Corporation d/b/a KDHX Community Media

[application to IRS as a 501(c)(3) corporation pending]

WHEREAS Double Helix Corporation d/b/a KDHX Community Media was founded as and is at its best as a volunteer-driven, community supported organization;

WHEREAS both the corporation and the radio station were created with a spirit of democratic participation with the volunteers, listeners, and donors actively participating in the governance and decision-making of KDHX Community Media;

WHEREAS volunteering is the primary prerequisite in being named an Associate Member of KDHX Community Media;

WHEREAS the collective volunteers of KDHX and those that have been selected as Associate Members of KDHX represent both one of the station’s greatest resources and one of its greatest assets;

WHEREAS the foundation of an auxiliary, composed of KDHX volunteers and Associate Members, created with the mandate to work alongside and with the staff and management of the Double Helix Corporation is both necessary and integral to ensuring the fulfillment of these values.

WHEREAS KDHX Community Media has in the past embraced and should maintain moving forward the following values:

  1. KDHX shall epitomize a listener-supported, independent media, and community-conscious approach in its radio programming.
  1. KDHX shall be anti-racist and anti-sexist in its word and deed in all its operations and decision-making; KDHX shall welcome and support people of and from all classes, sexes, gender identities, sexual orientations, ages, ethnic backgrounds, physical abilities, and national origins regardless of citizenship status.
  1. KDHX shall strive for equity in theory and practice;
  1. KDHX shall celebrate the independence and creativity of local and noncommercial-focused arts and artists, as well as the diversity of St. Louis and the KDHX community.
  1. KDHX’s management and oversight shall genuinely be representative of and responsive to all its stakeholders.
  1. KDHX shall operate with the dedicated belief that the involvement and integration of its volunteers in all aspects of its operations and governance is the most effective means to ensure the proliferation and promotion of these values.
  1. KDHX shall recognize the paramount importance of its volunteers and their contributions in the daily operations, planning, and strategic operations of the station and shall treat all volunteers and their concerns fairly and respectfully.
  1. KDHX shall be committed to dispersing key responsibilities in its operations with the volunteer force at its disposal.

WHEREAS these values stated above shall extend to the operations and conduct of LOVE of KDHX Inc. and in all its activities and programs; and

THEREFORE, we as the representatives of the unified Associate Members and volunteers of KDHX Community Media and as supporters of St Louis community radio certify that:

  1. The name of this corporation shall be the League Of Volunteers Enthusiasts of KDHX – to be also known as the LOVE of KDHX Inc.
  2. This purpose of this corporation to serve as an auxiliary composed of and representing the volunteers of KDHX Community Media; and to conduct and transact all lawful business activities allowed under the laws of the State of Missouri. As such, it shall operate as an independent entity.
  3. This corporation shall be composed of the Associate Members of the Double Helix Corporation d/b/a KDHX Community Media (as recognized in the corporate bylaws) and such volunteers and other persons who are bound together to ensure the values and principles stated in this document’s preamble are formally and completely integrated into the Double Helix Corporation’s governance, management and operation.


There’s more to this document, but you get the picture – we’re doing this the right way because we want to live out the values KDHX management says it wants to promote.